climate change mitigation & adaptation

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MITIGATION:  We need to reduce climate change using zero-emissions fuels.


ADAPTATION:  We need adapting to life in a change climate.


PYSUCH UP: As per  points  1& 2. Global climate change is  irrevocable.


  1. Actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the sectors not covered by the EU Emissions Trading System, including the reduction of use of fluorinated greenhouse gases and ozone-depleting substances.
  2. Actions which enhance the functioning of the Emissions Trading System and which have an impact on energy and greenhouse gas intensive industrial production.
  3. Increase the generation and use of renewable energy and improvement of energy efficiency.
  4. The development of land and sea management practices which have an impact on emissions and removals of emissions, conservation, and enhancement of natural carbon sinks.


  1. Adaptation policy development, and adaptation strategies and plans.
  2. State-of-the art tools and solutions for adaptation.
  3.  Nature-based solutions in the management of land, coasts and marine areas.
  4. Adapting cities and regions to climate change, climate-proofing and resilience of infrastructure and buildings.
  5. Water management.
  6. Preparedness for extreme weather events.
  7. Financial instruments, innovative solutions and public private collaboration on insurance and loss data.


There is not backward step.

Cities & Tranport

Global Sea level  continues rising. Our cities will be affected. In 2100 high could be 3.9 meters. 


Green house emissions